Rainforest hikes


Rainforest hikes
If ever the rainforests meets the sea, it is in Gandoca. The rainforest discovery hike starts from the edge of Gandoca beach. This easy hike through the overwhelming rainforest, will take you to the home of beautiful, but poisonous little frogs, birds, colorful flowers, giant trees and an abundance of plants. Monkeys will climb the trees and butterflies are all around. You will learn lots about all kind of flora and fauna. Of course we can not guarantee that you will see all the inhabitants, but chances are that you will see many of them and will never forget this hike! The trail will take around three hours. Bring hiking shoes, insect repellent, sun block, water and of course your camera and adventure mood.

It’s also possible to make a hike from Manzanillo to Gandoca, beside the rainforest you will have beautiful views over┬áthe ocean.
And.. incase you are interested in cacao, it is always to pass by the plantation in the midst of the jungle.

Please let us know what you prefer to be your hiking adventure in this beautiful area!

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