Welcome at Gandoca Tours

Welcome at Gandoca Tours

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Gandoca Wildlife Refuge is one of the best-preserved areas of Costa Rica at the south end of the Caribbean coast. The Wildlife Refuge offers the richest biodiversity in Costa Rica, combined with the typical relaxed Caribbean lifestyle. In Gandoca you can hang out on the unspoiled beach, try some surfing and cool down under the palm trees while enjoying the small village life style and the quietness. Besides, Roger Briones, a certified nature guide born in Gandoca and grown up here, can introduce you to the wildlife and ecology of the Caribbean Coastal region and help you understand the diversity and its uniqueness.
The tours are based on our local knowledge of nature and conservation of the area, we have learned by surviving and living within the forest and the beach every day!

Sharing our knowledge with you will give you a complete picture of the environment, showing the real beauty of nature. It is an environment in which mass tourism is misplaced, but were small scale ecotourism is very welcome.

If you love nature and quietness visiting Gandoca will be a life time experience . It is a place you can’ t miss during your journey!

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