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Gandoca Wildlife Refuge

is one of the best-preserved areas of Costa Rica at the south end of the Caribbean coast. The Wildlife Refuge offers the richest biodiversity in Costa Rica with an abundance of flora and fauna at land as well as in the ocean. The rainforest stops where the beach begins, it is an amazing combination. Gandoca has a beautiful lagoon with unique mangroves, kilometers of quiet beaches where the endangered leatherback turtle nests in the night, and lots of primary rainforest to be discovered.

If you are in for an unforgettable trip, make sure you come by Gandoca during your stay in Costa Rica or Panama. If you are a nature lover, a surfer or a curious traveller looking for some more knowledge about cacao, then you are at the right place. Gandoca is not for mass tourism or great bars (we do know how to guide you to the right place for that though :)) but here we like it local style. Tranquilo!

You can always just drive by, you are always welcome to come and hang out under the palmtrees (or surf), and if you like we are of course more then happy to take you on a tour or for the active ones among us, spend some time volunteering!

By the way kids are also very welcome, you can always contact us with questions about facilities or else.

Pura Vida and hopefully see you soon.IMG-20160405-WA0001




Hi everyone, the new season is about to start in a months. Please follow us.